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Outstanding product

The salmon arrived on time and well packaged. Had to taste it and yes it was the best I have tasted. Highly recommended, my order that arrived Friday is nearly finished and just going to put a new order in. Yes youcan buy cheaper but not of this quality and high standard. Recommend you place your order. Enjoy

Lots of flavour than grocery bought smoked salmon!

Really enjoyed the food flavour of the smoked salmon m, we always have them as a lunch with toasted bagels and cream cheese but with these you can really taste the difference from grocery-packed smoked salmon!

Great Cod's roe

The great taste of the cods roe took me right back to my childhood. Going to try the smoked salmon next but I would recommend this company to anyone. A1+

Very tasty

Received salmon in a well packed box, and I found it to be delicious, however a little too oily for me unfortunately

Quality and old fashioned service

I was so amazed at the quality of the smoked salmon and the product was fantastic I will be ordering again

A quality product

A fair price for an excellent side of salmon

Well packaged, beautiful salmon, very efficient, thank you

Best Smoked Salmon

Absolutely lovely smoked salmon, melts in the mouth and has a great balance of flavour from the fish and the smoke. Will order again.

Smoked salmon fanatic

Have tried many different sources of smoked salmon. This is without doubt, the best! To be given a variation of available types, a big bonus! Thank you Goldsteins. Now firmly our one and only supplier.

First time

Really delicious smoked salmon, moist and moreish

you're the tops

... of lox
best I have eaten since about 1412 AD. Ok maybe a little less long but this is historic nosh. A light smoke. Not too fishy, if you get my drift. I know this is fish, but there's fish. And there's fish. This is polite fish that lets you eat it for breakfast then has had the good manners not to remind you for the rest of the day. It was affordable to a miserable soul like myself, it came very fast and the lovely delivery guy even rang me up to check I would get it ok. I commend the Goldsteins and their produce to you.


The Salman was delicious and very well received by my party guests. The online service was effortless and efficient and the product was received on time. Highly recommended. Will use Goldstein's again.

Your smoked salmon

It was delicious

Goldstein never ceases to amaze

I've long considered myself to be a smoked salmon aficionado, but in nearly 70 years of living and noshing in the New York City area, I've never experienced salmon as silky smooth and delicately flavored as Goldstein's. I'm a 3-time repeat customer, and it just keeps getting better. Kudos!

Just the best smoked salmon!

Totally loved it and my husband loved, loved, loved the cods roe. Would definitely use again

Amazing smoked salmon.

Possibly the best smoked salmon I’ve ever tasted—and I’m from NYC!!


The best ever


The best ever

The Smoked Cods Roe is probably the best I have had - the balance was perfect
- just the right amount of saltiness
This time I had the Dry Smoked Salmon equally as good as the Medium


Delicious...Goldstein salmon is always the very best quality.

The Best smoked salmon

The best smoked salmon and fantastic service and delivery

Excellent service

Ordered whole salmon online, and it came perfectly packed, and fresh as a daisy
Would definitely use Goldstein again, wonderful product, enjoyed by everyone, thank You, Alan Joynson

Simply the best

Loved it. Everything from the superb flavour to the long thin slices. Vert impressed.