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Amazing but pricey

I absolutely love every bit of salmon I get from goldsteins but I do feel now that some of the major supermarkets are actually competing well now, with really good salmon and their prices are much lower. If there is any way to bring prices down a touch, this will encourage me and others to stay loyal

Great gift!

This was a very well received gift.


Arrived safely wrapped and cool on a hot day.
Fed 6 people very generously with a meal for 2 for the following day.
It’s one of the tastiest hot smoked salmon we’ve had in a long long time.


Our first order from Goldstein and definitely won’t be our last!!

Ordered the Salmon Box which arrived chilled and perfectly packaged. Have had a packet of the 2 fresh salmon fillets, a packet of the smoked salmon and 1 of the individually packaged hot smoked salmon fillets and everything has all been absolutely delicious and superior quality. Amazing value and a great find for sure!!

Simply the best

What more can I say?

Smoked Salmon Royal Fillet
Father David Lawrence-March
Stunning Salmon

I had heard about the quality of Goldstein products and was not disappointed. Now on my second consignment. The best.

Great Product & Very fast Delivery 10/10

The best

Love Goldsteins Smoked Salmon, I prefer the dry & my husband has the regular.

Salmon fresh & smoked

The delivery was good & the quality excellent

The Best

Smoked salmon ever just perfection

I placed a £70+ order to be delivered on the Thursday before Easter (1st time customer). The salmon did not arrive on the nominated delivery day, or the next day, which totally ruined my entertaining plans for Good Friday. The salmon was finally delivered on Saturday morning, when we were out all day. Not surprisingly after 48 hours in a delivery warehouse, then several hours in the sun on a warm spring day, the salmon was rancid!

I sent 3 separate emails to the company, none of which have been replied to - I finally received an automated email this morning informing me that the order will be refunded.

Whilst the delay was probably the fault of DHL, I have received no apology or acknowledgement from Goldstein. It appears that they couldn't care less about customer experience and have no interest in retaining customers. I can't comment on the salmon itself as it went in the bin! Will stick to buying smoked salmon from Pished Fish and fresh salmon from The Fish Society in future

Shocking service from Goldstein Product was wrong - stuck it in the bin!!

I reviewed Dry Smoked Salmon, which l do not have for obvious reasons. I have had a accident to my shoulder so I used lt. I hopefully won't receive the wrong one on my next order.

Goldstein smoked salmon

Excellent product which was highly enjoyable to eat. The salmon is cut expertly to the right thickness and has a balanced flavour of smoke and fatty oils and has the right texture. It pairs so well with cream cheese or scrambled eggs.

trimmings are the BEST

so versatil and tasty

At last some very decent salmon thank you


Very good salmon

Goldstein's Smoked Salmon Trimmings

Birthday gift

My friend was delighted with her gift - beautifully packed and excellent quality.

Amazing salmon and fast delivery

Great salmon, delicious

These were absolutely delicious. Will definitely buy again


The balance of flavour is spot on. Firm, meaty texture but soft in the mouth. I prepared thinly sliced with Kikkoman Ponzo with Lemon soy. Lip smacking. Already ordered another product.

1 Portion of Goldstein's Hot Smoked Salmon (approx 180g) - KOSHER FOR PASSOVER

so good great portion sizes and having it later. Goldsteins salmon is the best. don’t hesitate to buy.

Finest Quality Goldstein Smoked Salmon (various weights) - KOSHER FOR PASSOVER

superb Goldsteins smoked salmon excellent quality presentation and delivery.