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The best salmon I have tasted for many years..

I used to have a Kosher delicatessen in the 1950's and 1960's and we sold the finest quality smoked salmon. After all these years I have finally found the similar beautiful quality to the stuff we used to sell.
People don't realise the tasteless stuff they buy in the supermarkets is so awful and doesn't compare to Goldstein's amazing quality.
I am really glad I found Goldstein as I thought I was never going to enjoy my salmon again..I just wish I'd found them years ago.

No, we don’t think it is too oily, which is why we ordered two sides of un-slided salmon. Keep it up !!!

Best smoked salmon ever!

This is the most delicious smoked salmon. I personally love the “dry” and the perfect slices, which are extremely well packaged. I highly recommend and for me won’t buy from anybody else again! Thank you


A breakfast of scrambled eggs,salmon amd one thin slice of smoked bacon was very good...nearly as good as a Craster kipper....

Smoked Salmon Royal Fillet
Christopher Kelly
Great Service

Swift services, very good product

Didn’t like the taste

Don’t get me wrong

Really great, tender and succulent.

Its beautiful, and I'm looking forward to receiving my monthly order


Delicious salmon at a reasonable price delivered on time. This is the first time I have used Goldstein. I will definitely be doing so again.

Great smoked salmon

Fantastic taste beautiful consistency

Super salmon

Really superb quality salmon. Not too strong a flavour and soft and juicy. Tastes like I used to buy but haven’t been able to recently.

Whole Side of Goldstein’s Fresh Salmon (approx 1.1kg)


Absolutely top class - and excellent flavour.

Sir Colin Budd

Salmon Variety Box
Mike Bridge
Very good service

Very quick to interpret and act on changes of new order without fuss. Most impressed. And the last order was excellent all round.

Salmon Variety Box
John Pastoll

Excellent selection of quality fish.

Disappointed and a big shame

Shame… I’ve been looking for a tasty smoked salmon for years. Thought I would try so I bought my mother some and I bought my family some. My Mum said she loved it - could be because she did or could be because I surprised her with a gift in the post. I thought mine was very fishy, not I nice texture, very oily. Smoked salmon should be soft, subtle in flavour and delicious. Not fishy, greasy and slimy. Maybe I need to find some wild smoked salmon like the good old days or maybe it was a bad batch. I don’t know but shame is the word that comes to mind - just a shame I can’t have that taste I’ve been looking for.

Brucey review 👏👍

Excellent Smoked Salmon . Not over smoked with a texture to beat all others I have experienced which would be all of the so called brand leaders also at a reasonable cost

Sublime smoked salmon

Great flavour Great texture simply delicious delivered on time in secure packaging

Reliable smoked salmon

Always consistently fine product and delivered well. Hard to beat!

Definitely the best smoked salmon, would recommend. Excellent delivery service as well.

Wonderful smoked salmon

Great service and great product. Just wish we could buy it here in Israel!! Thank you

Delicious salmon

Goldstein Salmon is delicious !

Best Smoked Salmon!

Excellent quality & taste and so pleased with the delivery service. Thank you!

Great value, flavour & texture

This is amongst the best I have had in my 60 years as an experienced salmon ( amongst other foods such as game birds ) smoker