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Good and bad in parts

I recently ordered for the first time from you, two smoked cods roes.

One was dry, crumbly, had a very poor consistency and texture with an unappetising grey colour iin the middle, and a stale flavour; not at at all good!

On the other hand, the second one was a complete contrast; it was properly moist, had an excellent texture, consistency, colour and tasted excellent and met my best expectations!

I Intend to repeat my order, in the hope that the first one was simply an aberration. Would you please send 3 instead of 2 to replace the poor one?


Whole Side of Sliced Smoked Salmon

Beautifully packed
Perfectly sliced
Deliciously tasty
I will definitely buy again

Salmon Variety Box
Georgina Beane
Salmon variety box

Excellent quality product. This is now on repeat!


Wasn’t not 100% sure what was delivered but it was definitely not as oily as I was expecting. It was probably oily in the middle but not on the outside and ends . I’ve had better to tell you the truth. Maybe they just delivered the wrong package.

Oily Smoked Salmon

It wasn’t all that bad, the only issue was that I ordered Oily and I presume they delivered something else. It definitely wasn’t that oily as I’ve had much better from elsewhere where the order was definitely oily and not what I ordered from Goldstein. I was not 100% happy and probably wouldn’t order again. I’m just being honest. Thankyou

Super Salmon

So good, I am updating next months order!!

I thought the smoked salmon was excellent

Salmon Variety Box
Tania Bakshi
Perfect variety!

Really impressive variety b, luxurious treat

Salmon Variety Box
Sophie Adams
Salmon Variety Box

Simply excellent. Good variety and very high quality

Mostly really tasty and high quality but some areas were bland

Firstly, the salmon was lovely and firm, not oily or slimy! But some large areas towards the head, didn't have any smoky flavour at all, it just tasted of plain salmon. Very good salmon though! Other areas had a lovely smoky taste and was up there with some of the best smoked salmon I've had! I'm a bit of a smoked salmon snob though, so don't let me put you off. I'll be ordering again!


Easy to order spot on delivery. Not to mention the salmon which was truly mouthwatering.
Would recommend.

Delicious smoked salmon

I was given the smoked salmon as a gift and told it was the best ever. It is the best smoked salmon I’ve ever eaten and I will certainly buy some more. Also delivery was excellent, a really good product to eat and as a gift.

Smoked Salmon Royal Fillet
Michael Rosenblum
The Best

I used to have my smoked salmon flown in the The Hebrides- I am very particular when it comes to smoked salmon - but since I discovered Goldstein- no more flights

Salmon Variety Box
Irene Cotsell
Purchased as a New Year Gift

I send this box to friends as a NY belated Xmas Gift. Unfortunately, the option of including a greeting was not available, which would have been a nice touch however this did not cause any problem. I was advised of the time/date of delivery and gave recipients fair warning I understand the items arrived safely and we'll packed. Having bought smoked salmon from Goldstein's a number of times I hope they enjoyed their gift. I certainly haven't heard anything to the contrary. Thank you.

Salmon Variety Box
Sharron Penney
Christmas variety box

The smoked salmon was absolutely delicious. Melt in the mouth. Unlike the supermarket produce. Hot smoked salmon was lovely but a little salty for me. I haven’t tried the fillets yet as they’re in the freezer. Waiting to try the royal loin smoked salmon and will make a poke bowl with this maybe. I’ll be ordering more for sure.

Too salty and bland taste

Title says it all


Salmon Variety Box
Judith Dand
Excellent so far....

The salmon variety box was my first order with Goldstein, together with one of their sides of smoked salmon. The salmon side was a very good texture, flavour and size - producing long slices of a perfect thickness; delicious! We've eaten the royal fillet and two of the fresh salmon steaks from the variety box and found both tip-top quality. Large salmon steaks, so good value.

I have recently started to cure and smoke my own salmon, which is a lot of fun, but when I want perfect I'll go to Goldstein!

Always wonderful service and beautiful products

Thank you for always being on top of your game. I have started purchasing on a weekly basis except when I travel. Can’t wait to get the taste of it again once I return to London. Keep going strong!

Whole side smoked salmon

I bought a side of smoked salmon for years from Forman and Field until they failed to deliver one Christmas and Lance Foreman became an MEP and voted to leave the EU despite his persecuted ancestors fleeing European progroms!
I have since used Goldstein and find it every bit as good, along with their other products.

non receipt of order

despite being informed by your carrier that the parcel would be delivered between 17.12 & 18.12 on 29th December it never was, nor was my email informing the responded to.

Smoked salmon and hot smoked salmon

Great quality, great packaging, great value, great delivery


This is my second order of trimmings. They are my husband's favourite.

Salmon Variety Box
William Heather
New Customer

The smoked salmon and especially the filet had a delicate and full flavour and a soft and unctuous texture and I will certainly order again

Salmon Variety Box
Galina Smith

Good value for money - a lot of salmon for the price! Hot-smoked and oak smoked salmon particularly delicious. Ended up being too much for two people - would you be able to offer the same variety but halve the portion sizes for around half the price?