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First purchase

from Goldstein's, and am far from disappointed ! One of the best examples of this type of product (hot kiln roasted) that I have tried, and I will definitely be trying other products from the range ! Please consider offering smoked eel too, I'm sure the firm's expertise would result in a great item.


I haven’t had smoked cod’s roe for years. It’s a real pleasure to find some of this quality


It’s a real pleasure to have smoked salmon as it used to be.


I have for a long time been buying a different well known brand of London salmon. This is so much better. What I remember eating as a kid. Mild and let’s the salmon flavour through.

Great Hot Smoked Salmon

Excellent smoked salmon will definitely be buying more

Goldstein fresh salmon, best ever.

The is excellent! Being from the West Coast of Sweden, I have eaten a lot of fish all my life, where the fresh wild fish is sold on the same day that it is landed, and the farmed salmon brought in from Norway is sold the day after it is harvested.

Normally I avoid “fresh” fish outside of the West Coast of Sweden, even when I was living in Stockholm. You just cannot be sure that the fish will be fresh. It will be ok, but so what? I have no interest in merely edible fish.

So in London I mostly buy fish from suppliers who provide fish frozen at sea. The taste is completely fresh, a bit of texture is lost, but to a small degree. After all, the most expensive Blue Fin Tuna, sold in Japan for sushi, is frozen before it is shipped by air.

That said, absolutely fresh fish, less than 24 hours since harvesting, has a bit of extra smoothness that is lost in freezing.

So I decided to try Goldstein. After all, the company must be getting lorry-loads of salmon in every day.

I served the salmon to my family totally raw, as sashimi. It was fantastic. I will be buying again, and again, and…again.


It was really delicious . Well worth the extra cost

Probably the best smoked salmon I have ever had.

The salmon was well worth the wait. Someone told me about Goldsteins but I just never got around to ordering for a long time. This is melt in the mouth salmon with a light subtle smoke. Absolutely delicious, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone. I'll be looking to order more.

Great smoked salmon

Best we’ve ever had!

Absolutely the best.

I am not sure how many times I have ordered from Goldstein’s, however the efficiency from placement of order to delivery is excellent. The product always absolutely first class, the best you can buy.


The fresh salmon portions are of the same high quality as Goldstein’s smoked salmon. Really delicious and so much nicer than supermarket fresh salmon.


Decided I wanted some proper smoked salmon
Wow instant childhood
memories of growing up in Stanmore
Fantastic quality cut thin as it should be
Beautifully packed
I will be a regular

Not all the salmon was dry

We had a fairly large delivery which was all supposed to be dry.
Half of it was and was absolutely delicious, the other half was varied with lots of white lines.


Fresh, appealing but a little too mild.


The salmon was excellent. We would certainly buy it again


I’ve been very happy with my existing orders for smoked salmon and smoked roe. And the fresh salmon did not disappoint. Really special and will add to my subscription.

Treat Yourself

Goldstein's Salmon is simply the best, it arrives professionally packed and always on time. The smoked salmon is devine, we are now hooked on Hot Smoked Salmon which is delicious with new potatoes, peas or salad. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

Soft savoury goodness

Fresh lovely taste straight on hot toast or with poached egg…great

Great Quality

My family all love the Goldstein smoked salmon and the cod’s roe is great too.

Wonderful texture

Wonderful texture and flavour

Makes Great Pate

Really good trimmingsI which have many uses

Old days

At 76 I have rediscovered the taste of my childhood from the early days brought up in GANTS Hill where real smoked salmon was available. Thank you and will reorder soon.

Bung it with a Boursin

Mix, add capers, spring onions, coriander, maybe a little chilli. Swift and excellent snack. Good smoked salmon, great value,