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First Rate all the way from Goldstein

We ordered five packs of smoked salmon from Goldstein. From placing the order to receipt of the salmon all worked like clockwork. Exceptional service. The salmon itself was very very nice, great flavour, not flabby as are some supermarket salmons and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done Goldstein, we will be back for more.

Goldstein’s Smoked Cod’s Roe - 5 *

This was delicious.I definitely recommend it.

Wonderful products

This was the first time I ordered from Goldstein’s, but it won’t be the last. We absolutely loved the hot smoked salmon, and enjoyed it the Swedish way with baby potatoes, steamed beetroot, and a mustard sauce. Beautiful texture and flavour. We also ordered a side of cold smoked salmon for Easter, and some cod’s roe. Everything was delivered incredibly promptly, and the salmon had a beautiful texture and a light, delicate flavour. We made whipped cod’s roe with the roe, and it was phenomenal served with radishes and home-made crackers. Strongly recommend this company and their products!

The Best

Hi, this was the most delicious smoked salmon ever!
Very fine and consistent cut, not at all fatty and the perfect cure!
Delivered to the door - what’s not to like???

Side by side

Excellent vlavoured had to share with so many shall be ordering again soon this time just for me

I wrote a review

Many thanks

Salmon Trimmings

The trimmings were good. Plenty of salmon not just skin and sinews. V good for salmon pate.

Excellent product

Superb value and the highest quality.

First order

Ordered the trimmings of salmon and we used them with a French baguette and some cream cheese. Very tasty indeed. We used the remainder in some scrambled eggs again lovely flavour. Shall be ordering again soon

Silky & Smooth

Just wish I had ordered more, gone too soon!


Packaging and delivery were perfect, tasted amazing like always a happy Customer here in New York..

Excellent smoked salmon

Good as always. However, one pack of 200g was very fatty which I don't like! Please in future send me medium to lean fish. Err on the side of lean ------many thanks!

Delicious! And very fast! Thank you!

Excellent dry smoked salmon

Came promptly and very well packed.
Very delicate flavour and being dry suited mine and my husbands tastebuds . Finely cut and good sized pieces.

Simply delicious

First order but I already know the product, used to get this all the time living in North London. When a friend mentioned delivery I didn't hesitate to sign up for a regular delivery. The smoked salmon is amazing, knocks the supermarket finest stuff into a cocked hat and really shows it up for the over smoked rubbish it is.

The salmon side was delicious, my daughter cooked pan fried teriyaki salmon with it, lovely fish.

Whole Side of Goldstein’s Fresh Salmon (approx 1.1kg)

The best smoked salmon ever.

My whole family recognized the quality of the salmon. It is utterly unlike any other. Well worth the cost. Nothing can touch it.

Delicious product

Ordered hot smoked salmon - delicious product, will definitely order again. Great website and timely delivery. Great service.

Just trimmings

Great value had mine in an omelette

Perfect for brunch and pasta

Great product and so much of it. Really good strong flavour. Perfect on scrambled eggs or in a pasta dish. Freezes without any detrimental if like us, you're ordering monthly.

Great value

Really impressed at all stages. Well packed, delivered when advisee, great communication from seller. Salmon itself is full of flavour and creamy in texture unlike the rubbery stuff in supermarkets. Froze down in portions for use throughout month.

Medium smoked salmon

Just my kind of smoked salmon, finely cut leaves, a light smokiness, richly but not overly oily textured, needs little by way of condiment or addition, knocks supermarket smoked salmon into a cocked hat; I'm sure I'll be coming back for more very soon.

Excellent product.

Very flavoursome and beautifully sliced.