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The best smoked salmon ever!

Excellent smoked salmon, delicious as ever! Delivered on time and in great condition. Will be ordering more!

Salmon Variety Box
Gina Murray

Goldsteins is just way above any other salmon! It’s not the cheapest but it IS THE VERY BEST. I love this variety box because everything in it is delicious and it lasts my family a long time and saves a bit of money compared with buying all the components separately.- please can I BEG for the return of cods roe!?

Excellent traditional smoked salmon as usual

We have been ordering direct from Goldstein for some years. Their smoked salmon is beautifully cut, tastes as a London cured salmon should and is well priced . We have also bought their raw salmon which is again always excellent. We will continue to use them as our go to salmon provider.

very good quality Salmon

The Salmon was excellent, however I was somewhat disappointed it had it's skin removed ! I did not ask for it to be removed, and I love to eat the skin when fried or grilled to be crispy. You should allow the customer to choose if they want to keep the skin on.


This was the first time I bought fresh salmon. It was excellent quality and from now onwards as well as having a subscription for smoked salmon I shall be ordering fresh salmon on a regular basis

Ty. Yum

This salmon was top notch, will definitely be ordering again!


Delicious smoked salmon and neat slices very easy to separate

Came a day late and was warm.
Then i was told im not allowed to order from them anymore as i breached the t&c
Wouldn’t recommend

Quality product

Excellent product enhanced as a dish with sauerkraut ,wasabi and a small side salad.

Goldsteins fresh salmon

Really enjoyed this fresh salmon. Taste was excellent. Will purchase from Goldsteins again. Smoked salmon was also amazing

Thank you for a delicious meal.😊

Beautiful fish

Well presented, clean, scaled and very tasty.

Delicious. Will buy again

Amazing smoked salmon.

Long time were looking for a perfect smoked salmon and finally found it! Smoked Salmon Royal Fillet is simply delicious - not salty, soft, moist and delicious. It’s hard to find this quality salmon so I highly recommend to taste!

Side of salmon

It was absolutely delicious! Everybody remarked how succulent and tasty it was. Thank you very much. I will certainly use you again and recommend you.

Just perfect

Arrived on time and was a beautiful piece of salmon skinless and once cooked the perfect centre piece to my wife’s celebration buffet. Truly amazing.

Fabulous London Cure Smoked Salmon

Superb as always 👍 a real pleasure

Sunday with my grandkids

The best smoked Salmon. Smoked Salmon bagels with good French cream cheese. We love it. Tell me who doesn't. Supermarket moked Salmon is 'orrible'. This melts in the mouth.....so good!

Lack of communication

ordered a huge amount of salmon sides. Sent 2-3 emails asking for the skin to be sent. Another email to change delivery day. None were answered.


The best value of the year

First time and highly recommend


Whole Side of Goldstein’s Fresh Salmon (approx 1.1kg)

Best Salmon!

No other smoked salmon compares with this. This will be my ‘go to’ smoked salmon in future.

Great Taste and Delivery

This was the first time I ordered from Goldestine. I normally get my smoked salmon from a Scotland. I had major issues with delivery an was looking for other supplier. I want to congratulate the team firstly for the delivery (DHL) and also for the womnderful tase of the smaoked salmon. I will be coming back.

Excellent salmon

We have been ordering from Goldstein for a while now and we always get the best salmon you can have in the fridge! We would have it for Christmas as a treat but recently decided to have regular orders as this is much more tasty than supermarket packs.

Mrs Diana Robertson

The Best Tzar cut on the market. Pricey but u pay for quality😊